Some people just will not age. Watch Barry & Art tell their story!

Some people simply stop worrying about getting older and start to move and love their life. Moreover, they try to find some awesome hobbies and not waste any time, because time is so valuable.

We found this video about Barry and Art super inspiring. It’s such an amazing portrayal of two “old school” bodyboarders who suddenly understood that they still have plenty of time and many waves to ride. In the video, produced by Matt Gahan, Art said that he’s doing things that he never dreamed of doing, and it is great!

Barry and Art have been talking with some cheering youngsters who were avid in saying that they want to be “just like them” when they get old. And you know why? Because these youg kids do not want to become like their dads who sit on their couch all day long. They want to be like Berry and Art, which are “out here” and wilder than their dads are.

When Barry was asked when he thinks “old” will feel, he replied with a big, big smile: “NEVER!”.

And you know, Barry and Art, they weren’t healthy at all. They had to overcome some hard times. I mean, Barry has two forms of cancer, a couple of strokes and a pacemaker as well. But the show must go on. And remember, always laugh!