Shine bright like a skeleton made by Eric Franklin

This thing could be an interesting Halloween decoration, but it is more than a cool toy. The mysterious project belongs to Eric Franklin, a glass artist from Portland, Oregon.

Eric explained that his art is more optimistic than it appears:

These pieces describe and define the dynamics and interconnection of everything that makes us human — from our bones to our psyche

He can easily be considered the god of luminous glass skulls filled with neon gas, and not only, because Eric has other artworks and nothing to do with skeletons.

Somehow, it’s quite interesting how he sees his art:

I’ve deliberately chosen to keep the history of my hand in the glass. The wrinkled surface not only gives the pieces a more lifelike feel, but it makes the light exponentially more interesting.

For more photos and videos of Eric’s work, follow @ericfranklinstudio on Instagram.