Micro house, macro purpose

We are literally going through a building space crisis. Ever since the industrial revolution, population started migrating from their nice cosy village to towns and big cities. Basically, we decided that we need to crowd up in these metropolises. So what do we have in the end? Pretty much no air to breathe, overly crowded towns, a deserted country side even though we’re nearly at the peak of technology research.

Well, this couple found a solution to this issue. And it’s way cheaper than you might expect:

It might not be the biggest house in the world. It might not show off and it’s really not really screaming glamour all over the place. But it has a nice living room, a full size bathroom, a nice big kitchen (with standard size appliances for it, just like in your regular city apartment), a queen size bed (can you believe it?!) and quite a low impact on the environment. All in all I think it’s a pretty decent alternative to the crowded city, the best solution in this price range and probably the future of the whole “be one with nature” concept.