How to achieve pedestrian rank in Russia

We all know Russia is the Motherland of car accidents and horses on main boulevards. But pedestrians in Russia undergo special training before they walk their first walk on the streets.

1. Being able to jump at least 4 feet in the air

A prerequisite on almost all pedestrian licenses.

2. Not giving a duck

Being able to not give a single duck about your surrounding environment can surely help with your license.

3. Being able to ignore an ambulance

One must give special care when encountering an Ambulance. Must be able to ignore the siren and the lamps and walk as if nothing happened.

4. Be old. Your karma levels increase with your age

We all know old age is tough on your health. Except in Russia.

5. Haul things from A to B without interruptions

Moving your car tires or other products from one destination to another must be done without wasting precious time, like contemplating the universe and why you are still alive.

6. Be able to run like an athlete on steroids

Running as a pedestrian is highly encouraged for your license. It might save your life on more than one occasion.

7. Stay and pray. Holding one’s position and chanting might sometimes save you

Even though practical activities like jumping or running are important, praying might sometimes do the trick.