Cupidrone – A beautiful Valentine’s day campaign from the Flower Council of Holland

The Flower Council of Holland has developed a really emotional Valentine’s day campaign over the streets of Verona in northern Italy, the home of Romeo and Juliet.

A real, fully operational drone called Cupidrone has been developed especially for Valentine’s Day. This modern day Cupid’s mission is to patrol the skies above the streets of Verona, searching for enamoured couples and lonely souls who are looking for love. When Cupidrone spots his target, he drops a red rose – delivered by stealth. So, what happens next?  Well, it looks like the traditional token of love – a red rose – still does its job perfectly in 2015. Cupidrone shows that flowers still have a very special effect on people.

We love how the drone hides after obstacles as if it was spying on it’s unwary targets! An amazing blend of creative strategy and technology.

The ad was created by Kingsday, directed by Edwin Nikkels and produced by Back2Back.

And here’s the previous campaign the talented Dutch director Basha de Bruijn has created for The Flower Council of Holland, in October 2014:

Who will be your Valentine on the 14th ? Start the love!

Via, an initiative of The Flower Council of Holland.