Chef creates a taco as long as the Golden Gate Bridge

Chef David Cetina set out to make the largest taco ever, not only entering the Guiness World Record but also feeding thousands from the same taco. If that’s not crazy, I don’t know what is.

They used 1,200 kilos of marinated and then roasted pork, wrapped in banana leaf to preserve the authentic flavor of “cochinita pibil”. Two hundred people worked for almost a week to create the 1.6 miles taco, using almost 80,000 lbs of tortillas (that’s 44,000 tortillas). All those tortillas required a huge amount of sauce. 661lbs to be exact, which is probably more than you’ll ever eat in your lifetime. It all went down in Guadalajara during the “Jalisco International Festival of Flavors”.
200 people worked to create the largest taco44,000 tortillas were used for the largest taco1,200 kilos of roasted pork for the largest taco

Chef Cetina making the largest taco ever
And here’s Chef David Cetina at work, making a taco that would later feed 5000 people.

Chec Cetina working on the largest taco ever

Image credit: The Yucatan Times