Amazing journal covers made by Aniko Kolesnikova for your colorful thoughts

Want an unique journal made just for you, for your most cherished and colorful thoughts? Then maybe you should meet Aniko Kolesnikova aka Mandarin Duck. She is a very creative polymer clay sculptor who makes these fantastic journals, each with its own story to tell.

Aniko knows people have an endless imagination and that her great mission in this world is to inspire others “to never give up, stay creative and strong on this absolutely beautiful, but sometimes a bit tough journey of being an artist”.
Aniko Kolesnikova Elephant Aniko Kolesnikova Elephant detail 2 Aniko Kolesnikova Elephant detail

She looks at herself as an instrument in the hands of the Almighty and thinks that “the process of creation can’t go without trusting your guiding spirits”.
Aniko Kolesnikova Owl detail Aniko Kolesnikova Owl detail 3 Aniko Kolesnikova Owl detail 2
So, her advice for us is to never cease following our own heart’s call and keep walking the path that will unfold our deepest dreams.

“I know you can do it. Just believe… and walk. Walk every day in that sacred direction. Through falling, through pain and tears, through happy moments of success, through sadness and pain and through appreciation or rejection… Just walk.. and you will get there. I promise”.

Aniko Kolesnikova Seduction Aniko Kolesnikova Seduction detail Aniko Kolesnikova Seduction detail 2

She is also very interested in anything connected with nature because what she appreciates most is the Earth with it’s inspiring beauty.
Aniko Kolesnikova Floral Aniko Kolesnikova Floral detail 2 Aniko Kolesnikova Floral detial

“By creating this journal I wanted to rise awareness about animals and nature. Surely there was a lot spoken about saving our Planet, keeping the endangered species alive, but my heart felt like it wants to talk about it more”.

Aniko Kolesnikova Nature Aniko Kolesnikova Nature detail 3 Aniko Kolesnikova Nature detail 2 Aniko Kolesnikova Nature detail
She also reminds us that “good and bad always mix together”. But, like in the Yin Yang symbol, the dark and the bright are living “in constant harmony”.

“In this life we can’t only choose the good path without stepping up sometimes and making mistakes as the dark side always seduces us”.

Aniko Kolesnikova Seduction Aniko Kolesnikova Seduction detail Aniko Kolesnikova Seduction detail 2 Aniko Kolesnikova Seduction 3
And for Aniko, the key to a fulfilled life is Love. She tries to share this wonderful feeling by telling us the story of two bunnies in love which were separated and they only managed to find each other after ten years.

“My journals are showing that particular moment of their date by the lighthouse. They both became much older, but they still recognize each other and she is holding a bag in her hand that looks like a lock, the lock from her heart. And he still has a key to this heart lock, meaning that he still loves her”.

Aniko Kolesnikova Lightouse Aniko Kolesnikova Lightouse detailAniko Kolesnikova Lightouse detail 2 Aniko_Kolesnikova_Light_4

If you want to learn how to make such beautiful journals, Aniko even has tutorials on her youtube channel

Aniko Kolesnikova and her plushie toyAniko also makes beautiful jewelry and jewelry boxes, and very, very sweet toys, like Snowie here.

“They say that if a toy is very loved by a child, then kind spirits of our universe can decide to live inside the toy and feed from child’s love. In return they will work the protective powers on a child so that he is always healthy and safe. I like this kind of spirits”.

You can find more about Aniko on her official site / facebook page and flickr.